JetAdvice Success Story

ICS Vertex finds Service Synergy with JetAdvice

In their industry, proactivity based on real-time information makes the difference


The Company

ICS Vertex is a specialist provider of auto-id, printing, labelling, scanning and software solutions with a reputation for doing instead of talking.

With 22 employees and locations in Wijk bij Duurstede and Amsterdam, ICS Vertex provides its products, services and solution in the Netherlands and part of Belgium and Germany.

The Vision

ICS Vertex helps organisations to transform their operations with the latest technology, software and labelling solutions. It’s powerful service makes them a one-stop-shop for their customers.

Eric Konijn, CEO at ICS Vertex, states: “We place a lot of value on service orientation for our customers and this is exactly where the synergy with JetAdvice makes excellent sense. Proactivity based on real-time information makes the difference in our industry.”


The Advantage

"We do what we say we will do' is the main mentality at ICS Vertex" continues Eric.

"We act in one of the most business critical areas of our customers, where continuity and productivity is key. JetAdvice helps us to optimize our service delivery for our existing customers and new customers by means of service like asset management, life cycle management, device security, remote management and proactive label replenishment.”



The Value

"Knowing your customer is key for us as a company and similar to the value we can provide to our customers. This differentiates us in the from our competitors by being as close to our customer as possible. The value for our customers is obvious: improved productivity and continuity and 24/7 insight in their thermal printer fleet."

The Impact

“Using JetAdvice will lead to a better customer experience in the areas of service orientation, an improved proactivity and better catering to the needs of the customers."


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