JetAdvice Success Story

JetAdvice helps Geostick make the right decisions

JetAdvice allows Geostick to provide its customers with continuous information and insights that really matter to make the right decisions


The Company

With over 60 million euro on revenue and more than 280 employees divided over 4 locations, Geostick is a printing company and producer of self-adhesive labels, card products, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, TTR ribbons, label printers and labelling machines.

By addressing the needs of its customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues, Geostick’s goal is to build sustainable relationships.

The Vision

Geostick is known for providing its customers with advanced technology, and wants to be a progressive company leading by example in the market.

For Richard Min, Manager of IPV for Print and Labelling Solutions at Geostick, the JetAdvice solution ticked both very important boxes.

“Both our Geostick management and our customer representatives are very enthusiastic about the solution” said Richard, “…employees instantly shared lots of hands-on thoughts and ideas how Geostick can provide more added value to its customers – regardless of the line of business and the size of the customer - removing current customer obstacles and improving the overall quality of services”


The Advantage

“Being even closer to our customers, taking even more care of them, and removing more of their current burdens distinguishes Geostick from its competition” continues Richard. "Geostick will be more proactive than it already is today - focusing on the customers needs."


The Value

The translation of a company's DNA towards its customer is quite often lots of marketing and very limited visible value. The transformation from a supplier towards a true business partner - that Geostick started several years ago - is one of those critical cornerstones.

Richard explains; “The JetAdvice solution provides that noticeable value and that important feeling of a true partnership between Geostick and its customers.”

The Impact

The JetAdvice solution has an impact on many elements which are important for Geostick customers in all lines of business. These elements vary from providing the customer clear and continuous insights in its thermal printer environment like location information, life cycle information and asset data to optimising the customers’ business continuity and productivity in their critical primary processes, or planning and anticipating together with the customer based on factual data.

“It allows Geostick to provide its customers with continuous information and insights that really matter to make the right decisions.”


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